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1 oz of 100% Organic Colorado Grown and Extracted Hemp CBD Oil Tincture for pets. Our proprietary blend of medicinal grade hemp CBD blended precisely for your animal’s well-being. Every batch is Third party lab tested. Grown/Extracted in Colorado and packaged in Los Angeles!


Serving Size for Tincture x 2-3 times per day

1-7lbs 2-5 Drops

8-15lbs 6-9 Drops

16-35lbs 9-14 Drops

36-85lbs 15-19 Drops

86lbs + 20-30 Drops


Total Cannabinoid Profile:

CBD..... 100mg

THC..... .0001% or Less

THC-A..... 0%


Ingredients: Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Activated Full-Spectrum CBD Oil


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100 mg Feline Tincture